The Fairywren

Discover a cosy loft bedroom complete with a Queen bed and wardrobe in this luxurious tiny home.

Discover a cozy loft bedroom complete with a luxurious Queen bed and wardrobe in this luxurious tiny home.

Named after its charm, the Fairy Wren truly lives up to its stunning reputation. Designed with space and light as a priority, this masterpiece offers ample storage nooks and an ingenious layout, ensuring you never feel confined.

Ascend the storage-savvy staircase to discover a cozy loft bedroom complete with a luxurious Queen bed and wardrobe. 
Recognising the importance of a separate and cozy living space, we have carefully designed the Fairy Wren to meet your needs. Unwind, stretch out, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones in a special living room that rests on a slightly raised platform (450mm).  If you’re already impressed with our generous storage capacity, brace yourself for the delightful surprise of pull-out drawers concealed beneath this platform.

Popping into the bathroom, feeling fresh is a breeze in the Fairy Wren. Opt for an extra-large walk-in shower, or bubble up in a full-sized bathtub.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the wondrous kitchen. With ample space to accommodate full-sized appliances, you’ll feel right at home, whipping up a world of magic for your family and closest friends.

Length – 9.0m
Width – 3.0m
Height – 4.3m

Sleeps – 2-4
Bathroom – 1


  • Storage-savvy staircase
  • Cozy loft bedroom with Queen size bed and wardrobe
  • Separate cozy living room on raised platform
  • Pull-out drawers concealed beneath living room platform
  • Extra-large walk-in shower or full-sized bathtub
  • Spacious kitchen accommodates full-sized appliances
  • Ideal for individuals and small families looking to downsize
  • Water and power connections
  • Modern life not your thing? Opt to live a low-key off-grid lifestyle.

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“Tiny Houses empower you to more specifically choose how you want to live” – Ethan Waldman

Storage nooks and an ingenious layout


Life in the Fairywren means freedom from clutter and chaos. Tuck away belongings in the cleverly designed storage nooks and drawers tucked throughout this tiny haven. Extra sweaters in the loft? Evening skincare in the bathroom cabinet? Kitchen gadgets within arm’s reach? The Fairywren’s ingenious layout ensures everything has a place. Enjoy the simplicity of finding what you need when you need it. So you can spend more moments doing what you love with those you cherish most.This tiny home with loft bedroom has a big personality.

fairy wren tiny home
fairy wren relax time home

Unwind with your loved ones


As the day winds down, gather in the Fairywren’s light-filled living room. Sink into the couch and let the stresses of the day dissolve. Share a bottle of wine, play an impromptu round of charades, or delve into long-awaited conversations. This tiny home has a cosy space that was designed for connection—it brings loved ones together. When you unplug from the demands of the outside world in the Fairywren, bonding and laughter come easy. 

The Fairywren might be a tiny home, but it definitely has a big heart. 

Accommodate full-sized appliances


The Fairywren kitchen punches above its weight, with room for luxuries like a full-sized fridge, oven, and dishwasher. Which means you don’t have to pinch pennies or compromise your culinary aspirations. Whip up elaborate three-course meals using fresh, local ingredients. Bake a decadent cake just because. Or teach your little ones to roll out their first pie crust. The ample countertops and storage mean this tiny kitchen can hold big dreams.

fairy wren kitchen

How to buy your tiny house


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Step 3: Ready for transport, and your happily ever after!