The Bellbird Deluxe 

This tiny home is the perfect teenagers retreat, home office or studio.

Our Bellbird tiny home is the perfect canvas for creating the studio space of your dreams!
Although it’s our smallest design at 6.0m long x 2.5m wide, it’s bursting with potential. This Tiny Home boasts remarkable versatility for various applications.
  • Perfect home office, a sanctuary for hobbies, or a vibrant creative studio.
  • Additional guest suite to warmly welcome visiting friends and family
  • Optimal choice for an Airbnb venture or a romantic getaway
With ample room to accommodate a Double-sized bed, kitchenette, and bathroom, you’ll delight in the limitless possibilities at your fingertips.

Width – 2.5m
Length – 6.0m
Height – 3.5m

Water and powerconnections you need are all part of the deal.

Once your tiny home arrives on your property your plumber will need to connect the pipes under the home. 

Same with electricity – there is a connection point at the back of the home for the electrician to wire into.

Modern life not your thing? Opt to live a low-key off-grid lifestyle.

On Request!

We welcome you to book an appointment to visit our workshop and walk through the beautiful tiny homes.

Fill in the form to ask any additional questions and our friendly team will be in contact with you.

Finance options are availble through Great Escape Finance.

Not drawn to any of our designs? We’re always mustering up magic behind closed tiny doors, and making plans for the next layout. Stay tuned!

The perfect home office, a sanctuary for hobbies, or a vibrant creative studio.

The demands of the 9-to-5 have your mind feeling foggy. But your UNPLGD tiny home can provide a personal oasis—a bright, airy workspace flooded with natural light. Sip your morning motivation as you watch the sunrise from your private deck. Let your creative juices flow surrounded by houseplants and artwork that inspire. Or curl up with your laptop on a rainy afternoon, the pitter-patter lending focus as you work.

Your UNPLGD tiny home helps you unplug from workplace stress, embracing simplicity so your talents can shine.

Unplgd Tiny Homes _ Luxury Tiny Home on Wheels
Bellbird welcome

Additional guest suite to warmly welcome visiting friends and family.


As the afternoon sun dips below the trees, you put the kettle on and set out cozy blankets. Soon, the chatter and laughter of loved ones will fill your UNPLGD tiny guest home. You smile thinking of the memories to be made—late nights reminiscing, board games with the kids, morning coffee on the porch.

Though the space is small, the bonds you’ll build are grand. Your UNPLGD tiny home helps bring people together, embracing simplicity so relationships feel richer.

Optimal choice for an Airbnb venture or a romantic getaway


Perched on a hillside, your UNPLGD tiny home beckons. Guests will be lured by the promise of a charming, Instagram-worthy getaway. They’ll delight in sunset views from the reading nook, fresh blooms on the nightstand, and morning coffee on the deck. Couples will reconnect over board games and stargazing. Families will create adventures big and small.

Your UNPLGD tiny home helps people unplug from daily stresses and embrace simplicity, so they can relax, explore, and make memories. Booked solid, your tiny home brings freedom—financial and otherwise.

Bellbird Tiny Home on wheels by Unplgd. Tiny Homes.

How to buy your tiny house


Step 1: Choose your tiny home. Our amazing team will guide you through this exciting step while you choose your style.


Step 2: As your Tiny Home proceeds through the building process, you will be updated by our team.


Step 3: Ready for transport, and your happily ever after!