So far, we have four tiny home designs (and a studio or BNB-sized structure) up our sleeve. Some are still in design stage but our wonderful team are working hard and striving to bring these to you as soon as possible.

As members of the Australian Tiny Home Association, we do our very best to stay ahead of the game and continue to improve.

The Kookaburra

Discover the enchanting Kookaburra – a Unique Tiny Home that radiates joy and warmth, mirroring the beauty of the magnificent creature it represents.

Magpie Tiny Home on wheels

The Magpie

If feeling grounded is your go-to, we’ve got you covered with the Magpie. Introducing a meticulously designed all one-level home that caters to the needs of every individual.

Architectural Tiny Homes designed and made in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

The Fairy Wren

Like its namesake, the Fairy Wren Tiny Home is a truly stunning masterpiece. Designed with space and light as a priority, this magnificent home offers a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and natural elements, creating an unparalleled living experience.

Bellbird Tiny Home on wheels by Unplgd. Tiny Homes

The Bellbird

A light-filled studio or BNB-sized home, Our Bellbird is the perfect canvas for creating the space of your dreams!

How to buy your tiny house


Step 1: Choose your tiny home. Our amazing team will guide you through this exciting step while you choose your style.


Step 2: As your Tiny Home proceeds through the building process, you will be updated by our team.


Step 3: Ready for transport, and your happily ever after!

Not drawn to any of our designs? We’re always mustering up magic behind closed tiny doors, and making plans for the next layout. Stay tuned!

adaptable tiny home layout design

Curate your own unique haven


UNPLGD tiny homes empower you to curate your own unique haven. While our tiny home designs provide clever layouts and functional features, we recognize no two lifestyles are exactly alike. Let our team help adapt a layout to optimise every inch for your needs. With flexible loft and storage options, there are possibilities to customise. Swap the sofa for a dining table to entertain guests. Add French doors to let the outside in. Install a desk for remote work. A creative paint color to reflect your personality. The options are limited only by your imagination. UNPLGD designs are thoughtfully created as a framework so you can reinvent “home” on your terms.

The beauty of UNPLGD’s tiny homes lies in their adaptability. Make upgrades as needed to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. Take comfort knowing your investment can evolve through life’s chapters and remain your sanctuary. A space that truly feels like home.

Minimise without compromise 

Storage woes? Not in an UNPLGD tiny home. Our clever designs give new meaning to “minimising without compromise” when it comes to keeping your belongings tidy and within reach. Beneath stairs, you’ll discover hidden drawers perfect for tucking away extra blankets or board games. Inside cosy lofts, take advantage of discreet nooks to store clothing and linens. Our tiny homes make use of every inch, including one-of-a-kind features like storage benches, under-counter cabinets, and custom built-in shelving.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, UNPLGD prioritizes smart storage so you can too. No need to play Tetris with pots and pans thanks to cabinets and pull-out shelves specially sized for cooking essentials.

An UNPLGD tiny home thoughtfully accommodates all your possessions so you can focus on life’s simpler pleasures.

kookaburra full height storage any home design