Frequently Asked Questions

All your tiny home questions answered.

Do you offer delivery?

At Unplgd, we partner with Tiny Home transport companys that deliver Tiny Homes Australia-wide, fully insured from our factory to your doorstep. Delivery is an additional cost. Please contact one of our team members for more information.

Is your factory open for visitors?

Yes, we welcome visitors and enjoy sharing our passion for our Tiny Houses. We have a very active factory with multiple tiny homes on the go and also a few display homes for you to walk through. Please give us a call or email us so we can free up some time to show you around and chat about tiny houses. Our factory is open Monday – Friday (9am to 4:00pm) by appointment only. Click here to book an appointment!

Do I need approval to get it on my property?

Your best bet is contacting your local council. Every region has different rules about tiny home structures.

You could also check this link from Fred’s Tiny Houses to see if there are any comments regarding your local council. In short the homes fall into the caravan category and councils say only 1 or 2 caravans are allowed on your property for short term or long term living.

Can I customise my tiny house?

Yes! Let’s bring your dream tiny home to life. If you are looking for specific customisations, please get in touch.

How long will it take for my tiny home to be built?

(Lead times are likely to blow out 🙂 With the amount of interest we are receiving, best to call the team and check. 

Tell me more about your 3 metre wide Tiny Homes

Regarding travelling on the road – being a wide load, we attach an oversize banner onto the back to comply. We prefer to use insured and qualified transport companies who know their onions, so never fear. We have you covered.

Being 3 metres wide this means it is a wide load on a trailer, so we have 8-10 uniquely designed connections points, fixing the floor sub framing to the chassis. Strong, sturdy and stable. You are in safe hands.

Will I have running water and power?

Yes! The connections you need are all part of the deal. 

Once it arrives on your property your plumber will need to connect the pipes under the home. 

Same with electricity – there is a connection point at the back of the home for the electrician to wire into.

Modern life not your thing? Opt to live a low-key off-grid lifestyle.

Does my tiny home have to stay on the trailer, or can I remove it?

Good news – Unplgd Tiny Homes can be removed from the trailer if you would like. Note: if it isn’t on the wheels this will change if you need a council application. 

Do I need to register my tiny house?

Every trailer is registered. 

Do You Build Tiny Homes With Twin Lofts?

Yes, we certainly can! We just need to keep an eye on the overall weight.

Can I purchase just the shell so I can fit out the tiny home myself?

Yes you can! We offer all of our designs at the shell only / lock-up stage, allowing you to ‘hatch’ your own Aussie bird and customise the interior to your heart’s desire. Show us your progress and completed builds by tagging us in your posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Do your tiny houses come with solar power?

Not as standard but we can supply a solar package to suit your needs as an added extra. Please contact us for more details.

How much does a quote cost?

ALL quotes are FREE. Just email, call or fill in the Quote Request Form

Have another tiny question?

Didn’t find what you were looking? The Unplgd team is just a click away to answer any additional questions you have about about tiny homes, granny flats, teenage retreats, studio’s and much more! 

We welcome you to book an appointment to visit our workshop and walk through the beautiful tiny homes.

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