The Magpie


Introducing a meticulously designed all single-level tiny home that caters to the needs of every individual. If you find comfort in feeling grounded, look no further than the Magpie.
Crafted as a striking single-level tiny home, access the bedroom, living area, kitchen, and bathroom with effortless ease. Bid farewell to the need for climbing stairs to reach your bed.
The bedroom accommodates a luxurious queen-size bed with a complete wall designated for generous hanging and storage area. Bask in the beauty of the morning sun streaming through exquisite french doors. The Magpie is tailored for embracing the small precious moments!
The kitchen embodies the essence of uncomplicated living, boasting an abundance of countertop space that extends a warm welcome, no matter your chosen recipe.
Our exquisite bathroom welcomes natural light through an elegant window, accompanied by copper accents, a basin, and a full-height shower.
Transitioning to the living room, you’ll find ample space for a generously sized sofa that easily converts into a double bed, the perfect place to unwind, stretch out, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.
While The Magpie impresses as a single-level marvel, we have still thoughtfully allocated space for your belongings. We have considered every detail – hence the addition of an extended, partially elevated loft stretching from the bathroom to the living room, perfect for storing larger items and seasonal belongings.



On Request!
We welcome you to book an appointment to visit our workshop and walk through the beautiful tiny homes. Fill in the form to ask any additional questions and our friendly team will be in contact with you. Finance options are availble through Great Escape Finance.

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