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Our passion is to create healthy off-grid homes with sustainably and longevity in
mind. Find the best solution for rest and living.


You’re in safe hands

Based in NSW, Australia, our tiny homes can set you free.

After pursuing our personal passions for the last few years, we’ve finally decided to join forces. And boy, does it feel good!

Reeling from the pull of modern life, tiny homes have been calling our names for the past few years.

Take it from us. A life that feels better is right under your nose – and we’re here to help you foster that freedom.

WHY did we start Unplgd?

We’re fiercely passionate folk, and we’ve seen the way a tiny home can uplift the spirits of those who want to unplug from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

We love helping people, and through UNPLGD, we get to do this every single day now. Nothing beats the feeling of helping folk find their own version of freedom.

By going Unplugged – You Can:

  • Unplug from rising mortgage payments and financial pressures
  • Unplug from paying hefty council rates
  • Unplug from the cleaning demands of a larger home
  • Unplug from the stress of the workplace and office and nestle into your own ‘work from home’ space
  • Unplug from paying endless electricity bills
  • Unplug from your worries of environmental impact, by lessening your footprint dramatically

We’re big on living a big life. That’s why we’ve made tiny homes our treasure. Forget chandeliers, tennis courts and big bedrooms. Get back to basics with us.

The Story Behind Our Bird-Inspired Tiny Home Names

G’day, fellow tiny home enthusiasts! Ever wondered why our fantastic tiny homes are named after Australian birds? Well, grab a cuppa and gather ’round as we share the feathered inspiration behind our tiny abodes – it’s a hoot! Read more over on our blog and discover the tiny homes in NSW backstory.

Come grab a cuppa!

Located a 2 hour drive from Sydney in the scenic Blue Mountains, NSW, we’d love you to come and say g’day by booking an appointment. Visit our workshop and walk through the beautiful tiny homes in NSW.

Fill in the form to ask any additional questions and our friendly team will be in contact with you.

Working together to set you free

Great Escape Finance are a small, family-owned business who specialise
in “out of the box” lending.

A dedicated team to look after you from start to finish- just like it used to be.

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